Petits maux d'une jeune mariée

Je pense qu'en commençant une relation, la seule chose dont on est sûre, c’est ce qu'on ressent pour l'autre et ce que l'autre ressent pour vous. Vous pouvez tous les deux planifier ce que vous voulez faire/ devenir, où vous voulez aller, mais vous n'avez aucune garantie que cela se produira. Hmm, Cela ne ressemble-t-il… Continue reading Petits maux d'une jeune mariée

" Always together never against each other "

These love birds have been together for over a year. Their love story is not “A Love at First Sight” but rather “A Love born through a friendship they both enjoyed building.” They had the same circle of friends, but little did they know they would become “A Power Couple” down the road. For the… Continue reading " Always together never against each other "

[ February ]

If I was to be found doing my Father’s business – my favourite place would probably be somewhere where love is the main subject! Somewhere where people are gathered- testifying, discussing and bettering each other through their different and unique journeys! Why? Well, I believe that even though our routes are different and unique –… Continue reading [ February ]