Pray your way through it…

Pray your way through the confusion, Pray your way through the uncertainty, Pray your way through it … Pray your way through your hurt, Pray your way through your valley, Pray your way through it.. Pray your way through your fears, Pray your way through your trauma, Pray your way through it… Pray your way through your planning, Pray your way through your reaching, Pray your way through it.. Pray your way through the times and seasons, life has you in. Weeping may stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning. In your whispers. In your worship. In your grief. In your … Continue reading Pray your way through it…

Maybe you do…

[ A regular day] I woke up on a friend’s DM. She had sent me a link to a sermon she felt led to share. One might take this as just a coincidence, but it wasn’t. It was an answer to my prayer. I will not go into details but believe me when I tell you I was amazed by how loud and clear God answered me. How great is Our God that amid this world’s chaos, He still hears and answers our prayers! It was such a timely message for me. Fun fact is I had been ignoring the … Continue reading Maybe you do…

You got this!

You may not get to choose your calling, but rest assured you are equipped for your calling. I had doubts that I may not be capable of writing my previous blog when God whispered these words in my Spirit. I felt like I wasn’t going to deliver it like I should, somewhat unqualified. Have you ever felt incapable of doing something too? Better yet unqualified to do something that you feel like God is calling to do? Like Jonah, you try to ignore God’s call only to have God trap you in a whale. I do! I will use myself … Continue reading You got this!

Akiba & Malika’s Story

In my blogging journey, I have learned to acknowledge these quiet phases where I lack inspiration, and pause for the cause. I like to think that it is not a coincidence that it takes longer to blog on some subject than others. Only God knows why though *sight*. Make no mistake, I learn as much as you from these blogs. So my apologies for delivering this one a bit late. I pray and hope that it speaks to you the way it was meant to. How It all started… They were classmates. Malika admitted that she was the one who … Continue reading Akiba & Malika’s Story

In Total Surrender

Back against the wall with an unknown future but yet guaranteed by my Saviour. Now more than ever, I am aware of Your presence. I tried to get it my way – around the corner where my unanswered prayers had to met with faith, I lost my vision! I wasn’t sure that You were capable of showing up for me. Fear and uncertainty took over, so I took control. I knew You were there, but I thought I would have to get it on my own. How would one know the way more than the One who created it? How … Continue reading In Total Surrender

Seize My Heart, Lord!

At the beginning of last year, I surrendered my life to God. I abandoned my relationships, my love life and every other domain of my life, big or small at the feet of Jesus. I didn’t really know what it will intend, though at the time. One of the first things I surrendered wholeheartedly was my relationship with my boyfriend. Let’s call him Frank for the purpose of the story. I wanted to know if it was God’s will for us to be together. My family and my friends questioned me a lot about him, or I would say were … Continue reading Seize My Heart, Lord!

Ah Mon BéBé! Ah Mon BéBé!

The story of these two lovely people started in an odd way. I realized that as much as each story is unique, the start is even uniquer (a word from my dictionary yu’all). I believe our greatest teacher, God, will let you do you or even lead you to places for you to learn all the lessons you need. Because out of both circumstances, you will learn or should I say He will equip you with all that you need before you meet who He has predestined you to be with! My beliefs anyways. Nothing goes to waste in Jesus! … Continue reading Ah Mon BéBé! Ah Mon BéBé!

Petits maux d’une jeune mariée

Je pense qu’en commençant une relation, la seule chose dont on est sûre, c’est ce qu’on ressent pour l’autre et ce que l’autre ressent pour vous. Vous pouvez tous les deux planifier ce que vous voulez faire/ devenir, où vous voulez aller, mais vous n’avez aucune garantie que cela se produira. Hmm, Cela ne ressemble-t-il pas beaucoup à la foi ? Ce que l’avenir vous réserve est un mystère que vous devrez découvrir au cours de votre parcours ensemble. Le temps révélera des choses au fur et à mesure qu’il passera et certains changements inévitables pourraient frapper a votre porte … Continue reading Petits maux d’une jeune mariée

” Always together never against each other “

These love birds have been together for over a year. Their love story is not “A Love at First Sight” but rather “A Love born through a friendship they both enjoyed building.” They had the same circle of friends, but little did they know they would become “A Power Couple” down the road. For the sake of being anonymous, YH stands for the guy while FN stands for the girl. The italic words, it’s me narrating (seasoning) the story. “He wasn’t my type…” Said FN. When on the other end, YH knew from the get-go that she was the blessing … Continue reading ” Always together never against each other “